Its Origin and Purpose (Registered Charity No 1066)


The Bible Fellowship Union has published the ‘Bible Study Monthly’ and literature since 1945 continuing a magazine founded in 1924. Its objective is to promote Bible knowledge. It has a special interest in Christ’s Second Advent, God’s kingdom on Earth and resurrection of all mankind. It upholds the historical accuracy of the Bible, including records of miracles. It investigates prophecy and the relationship of the Bible to modem discovery. It accepts the ethics of the Bible and their application to daily life. It encourages practical Christianity and the devotional life with God.


The BFU is non-profit-making. Its publications are available free to all who request them. Its work is supported entirely by gifts. BFU is governed by a Constitution as a registered charity. All work for BFU is voluntarily; all BFU funds are used to produce and distribute its publications. BFU is independent of other groups and is controlled by a self-perpetuating Council.